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Hello Dahling!

It's Not a Booty Call



The story is the same, the players are different. Grab a glass of your favorite beverage and sit down for a fast, funny ride through today's dating minefield.


"A delicious book about romance, the dating circus, and how one woman navigates it with humor and panache. Kim Young is delightful, funny and an original, new talent." BETSY PRIOLEAU, bestselling author of Swoon and Seductress.


"Kim writes how she feels and speaks. I laughed out loud reading, because she hits the target when writing about dating in the electronic world of instant gratification. As you read you'll feel as if you are sitting across from her having a discussion about life and love." JEFF HORNY, Director and Producer, Production Corp.

An unapologetically honest way of looking at dating and attraction through the eyes of a woman. It's an intelligent, realistic and capitavting read." MARC SUMMERS, Dating Coach and author of How to Quit Being a Loser With Woman.

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