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Life is a journey and it has often interrupted my writing.  Between four awesome kids, a career, seminary and now life in the dating world, the passion has returned.  I hope you will journey with me as I live, laugh and love - let's share secrets.

The Creating Machine Series

ISBN-10: 1470130319

This handbook is filled with quotes, positive words and simple steps to empower you as you journey towards creating the wonderful possibilities of your dreams and desires. By replacing your speaking habits with the language of success you enable your creating machine to manifest good things in your world. It's so simple that you'll feel compelled to share it. Change your world by changing your words.

Change Your Thoughts

ISBN-10: 1475037538

Book Two in a series of personal development books written to inspire the reader to seek and achieve a happy, abundant and satisfying life. The Creating Machine formula for manifesting a satisfying life is simple if you will engage the God given abilities within that few understand or take advantage of. This is a short and simple read. It's meant to be read over and over. When combined with the other books in the series you'll discover the success you've been searching for.

The Last Hour

ISBN-10: 0965674916

The clock is ticking. Are you ready?

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